• 8cm Gr.W.34 Mortar Cleaning Brush

  • $95.00 USD

  • Description

    Each brush and cleaning rod is made as needed. Please email us at kemilitaria@yahoo.com to order.


    This is a highly detailed reproduction of the very rare 8cm Gr.W.34 mortar cleaning brush; you can buy a complete brush with cleaning rod or you can buy the rod or brush heads separately just select an option from the drop down menu.  The cleaning brush is the rarest of all the 8cm mortar accessories. Cleaning rods do come up for sale every now and then but rarely in good condition, the brush heads on the other hand are virtually impossibly to find in even remotely decent condition. You can spend decades searching and will likely never even have the opportunity to buy a good one, no matter what price you are willing to pay.  Luckily for us, a friend was willing to lend us his original brush to copy.  The brush heads are made from steel, hardwood, and have natural bristles.  Each tuft of bristles is hand set, a tedious task, but worth it.  The rods are made from steel complete with wood tips on the T-handle that keep the brush from banging up the tube when stored inside (the cleaning rod with brush were carried and stored in the tube, that is why few pictures show the brush.)

    • Highly detailed reproduction.
    • Natural bristles in the correct color.
    • Complete and ready to display or use.
    • Cleaning rods are available in ordnance green, ordnance tan, or panzer gray.
    • Has "kem" 3 letter code with 40 date and a waffen amt.
    • All steel parts on the brushes are now blued.
    • Removable scraper.
    • Stock up while they are available and save by buying a 2 pack of brush heads (save $20).
    • Made in USA.
    • Parts may show some light wear from being handled around the shop, wood parts may have some small chips.

    Simply select either a complete brush and rod set, just brush heads, or just a rod from the drop down menu.


    This was a very expensive project and one that few, if any, other companies would dare take on.  If you need a brush, this is the time to pick one up.

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