• 1942 Tropical Rucksack British Webbing!!!

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  • Description

    Original WWII German Wehrmacht tropical rucksack marked kkd 1942 with a set of backpack straps. What makes this one special, is that captured British webbing was used in the construction of the backpack and the markings English markings are very visible which is rather rare to find. The rucksack is in good used condition with some staining and a few thinning spots on the top which are not quite holes yet. These spots appear to be factory defects rather than damage. The two supplemental shoulder straps appear to also be made from some type of British canvas gear which leads me to believe that they have likely been with the rucksack the whole time. One of the D-Clips has had its webbing repaired with some simple stitching. There is some light staining on the interior panels of the rucksack. 


    All in all this is a very interesting example, far more interesting than any other I have seen. I really enjoy unissued items or items which tell a story and this one tells a story. Not many people have given much thought to the extent that captured enemy equipment was reused by the German army and in the many ways that they reused it. The condition of this rucksack is basically one step down from unissued. It is still in rather good condition with fairly light wear from use which displays very well. This is the ideal sort of piece for a display or a mannequin. 

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