• Complete German Gas Mask and Can 1944

  • $239.00 USD

  • Description

    Original 1944 German gas mask with can, original late war straps, spare lenses, a cleaning cloth (probably not an original cloth but I can't say for sure with such a late mask) and spring clip. The blue painted hardware indicates late war production as the blue means the parts are made from iron or ferrous metals as opposed to early versions which were non-magnetic. This was an important distinction to make as these blue masks would not be issued to men handling sensitive equipment or optics which incorporated compasses or some communications equipment. Basically, the blue says keep this mask away from sensitive equipment like a V1 guidance system.


    The overall condition of everything is decent to good. The mask is unused as the filter is still capped. The can is marked ebu 44 inside and has worn paint and surface rust outside which can be seen in the photos.  The strap is nice and is mismatched between the upper and lower. The mask is marked BMW 44 and BWZ 44 in various places. It is a size 2. 

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