• MN42 Red Enamel Canteen

  • $225.00 USD

  • Description

    This is an extremely nice example of a more scarce style of canteen, complete with an original Bakelite cup. The cover has rivited leather tabs and only 3 closure snaps which is one of the more rare variations. This is NOT a post war cover but likely helped influence the design of the post war cover as it is more simplistic, the same goes for the leather strap arrangement. The Leather strap is marked MN 42 or maybe 43, the cover is marked MN42, the bottle is unmarked, and the cup is marked 1944. The bottle and cup likely did not original go with the cover and strap.


    Everything is in good condition. I still would take great caution in opening and closing the leather strap but I wasn't to frightened to open and close it for pictures. There are a few small chips around the top edge of the cup.


    This a great canteen for any collection and I think it would be very nice for finishing off a mid-late war mannequin. 

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