• DRK (German Red Cross) Nurse Apron Original

  • $95.00 USD

  • Description

    Original WWII DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kruez; German Red Cross) nurse apron. It is in decent condition with some light wear and several stains.


    It is double-sided; meaning when one side is dirty, you just flip it over and get back to work. There is one pocket on each side of the apron.  The pocket is on the right hand side regardless of which side you are currently using. Many reproductions neglect to make their aprons double-sided.  The overall shape and construction is consistent with originals and the pocket is the right shape and in the correct location (see original photo in listing).


    This is an ideal piece to complete a DRK display or impression.  This is an item that was abused on a daily bases and it is great to find one that was well cared for through all of it to survive in nice condition.

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