• Women's Marine Corps Seersucker Uniform (B-37" W-27" H-36")

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  • Description

    Original WWII USMCWR Marines Corps Women's Reserve summer seersucker uniform.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust -37"
    Waist -30"
    Length - 25"
    Waist - 27"
    Hips -36"
    Length - 27"


    Nice uniform set. Both pieces are named to Ruth Anderson. Honorable Service discharge patch (ie. "ruptured duck") sewn above the pocket. Sergeant rank stripes. The buttons are held in place by cotter pins.


    It is in good, wearable condition, but it does have a few issues. The uniform was taken and and let back out (you can see the stitching where it saw taken in). The skirt may have had material cut from one side as the waist band seems a bit big in one spot (not very noticeable unless you are looking directly at that spot on the waistband). The finish on the buttons has worn off. The zipper has some corrosion and the hem is coming undone on the skirt. The button on the skirt needs sewn as it is coming loose. Very very minor underarm staining (hardly noticeable).  Light stain on the skirt.



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