• ET64 M35 Single Decal Apple Green Helmet Vet Bring Back

  • $695.00 USD $795.00 USD

  • Description

    Nice single decal M35 ET64 German helmet with much of its original apple green paint. This helmet is from the transitional period moving from apple green to textured paint and moving from double decals to single decal. It is just a nice, untouched, vet bring back example of this interesting transitional period for the German helmet. The chin strap is in decent, well used, condition and appears to have been cut down, which was common. The liner is in complete and has some staining. The drawstring is included but is broken and someone at least tied it to the chin strap rather than throwing it out. 


    There is a fairly even amount of wear and light surface rust on the helmet. It seems like it was stored in a dry garage or attic. The decal is rather worn. There is just enough left to display nicely but perhaps a little too much missing for some collectors. 


    All in all, this is a good, not monkeyed with, vet bring back helmet that displays nicely and can help fill a gap in many collections. Its not the cleanest, nicest example, but it is honest, more than can be said for many helmets these days. I would have no problem putting this one back into my collection if no one else finds it more enticing than me.

    We reserve the right to cancel international sales to certain countries if we believe it could be seized by customs.

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