• Red Enamel Canteen w/ Green Painted Cup RFI 1943 Unissued

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  • Description

    Excellent example of an original 1943 canteen with cup in very good, unissued condition. All matching. You will be hard pressed to find an example of an RFI 43 this nice. 


    The cup is marked RFI 43 and is green painted with the sort of open partially rolled edge with some chipped paint on the bottom inside where it has rubbed on the canteen cap stud. There is some cloth tap residue on the top edge of the cup and also on a bit of the handle. Maybe stored against some medical tape for a while or perhaps this has something to do with how it was packaged when it was produced and shipped out. There is some red enamel on the cup which appears to be from the factory, as if the guy applying the red enamel was close to the green cups and very careless. The red is overtop the green.


    The canteen is in very nice condition, made from red enamel and devoid of any markings that I could see. The strap is brown leather and the tabs on the cover are pebbled black leather. The strap is marked very high up, close to, and even under, the attached cap. It is marked RFI 43 The only flaw I could find in the cover was a small hidden moth nibble on the very bottom near the strap stud under the leather. The cover is marked RFI 43. The gasket is in great condition and the threading on the cap and canteen are very nice and clearly have not been worn hardly at all. The leather strap is nice enough that I did not fear opening or closing anything, but I still recommend doing so very delicately.


    All in all, this is a great canteen that would be perfect for your collection or to complete a dummy. 

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