• Original Full Box of 5cm Gr.W.36 Rounds 1943-4

  • $1,450.00 USD

  • Description

    This is a very nice thing for any collector. Not many people will ever own an original full box of anything. Full boxes are the pinnacle of ordnance collecting.

    Original box full of original 5cm rounds. The rounds are all from the same maker and the fill dates close enough that we can assume all these rounds have basically been together their entire existence. There are 3 fill dates; 9.11.43, 28.1.44, 3.3.44. Its possible that more than one box was found at the same time and a few rounds were mixed up but it seems likely that all the rounds were from the same shipment and might very well have spent the last 80 years together in this box.


    The rounds are empty and all have an original Bakelite fuse. The lifting charge appears to have been drilled out of every round with has left most of the shell inside minus the filler. The rounds are in decent condition and would likely clean up beautifully. They are currently covered in a thin layer of orange rusty powder but the rounds look like they are have most of their original paint with good markings. I like to leave things in as found condition, but a quick wipe with an oily rag would clean these well. There is some rust or bubbled paint around the tail section or fins. These will be shipped with the fuses separate. and I will put some foam in the box to reduce wear to the rounds in transit. You will need to do some cleaning and fitting for the fuses as some are rather difficult to screw down all the way. These rounds typically sell for $150-250 each but having a full box of original more or less matching rounds is quite hard to find.


    The box is in decent condition. There are a few small rust holes but a heavy layer of very gritty camo paint has protected the box. The panzer gray is visible under some chips in the outer tan paint along with some of the original stenciling. The wood handle is fine but a little dried out.  The hinge works well but the box was dented directly on the hinge which has left a gap.


    I've only seen a handful of full boxes and most of those were assembled from various rounds and this is the only one I have had a chance to buy.


    Shipping inside the continental USA only!

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