• Original Paperwork Lot (10 pcs)

  • $20.00 USD

  • Description

    Original lot of German paperwork. This is a grouping of 10 different paper items chosen at random from our collection of paper stuffs. The photo is an example of most of the paperwork we have on hand. You may receive pieces that are not in the photo. We have enough that you can order up to 3 sets and have every piece be different (if you order more than one, we will try to make sure you don't get duplicate pieces).


    Things that may be in the lot are: various bags (for coffee, cookies, meat, cigarettes, noodles, etc), beer or wine labels, receipts, coat check stubs, tobacco cards, postcards, money orders / shipping labels, booklets, canning papers, food wrappers, etc. Each set will vary. 10 pieces per lot.


    The contents of grouping will be worth at least $30.

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