• Reproduction Nähzeug Sewing Kit

  • $12.50 USD

  • Description

    This is a new made Nähzeug D.R.G.M. tin based on a period sewing kit filled with a post war set of sewing materials which happen to be quite good for WWII also. The original tin of this type was rather massive, so we made it a bit more pocket sized. A very useful accessory and a great way to keep your sewing stuff together. There is still room in the tin, so you could easily fit even more stuff in there (like extra buttons or thread etc.)


    Price is for one tin with some yarn, thread stars, safety pins, sewing needles and a little envelope of random buttons. The contents vary a little as they are older surplus material but nothing extreme.

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  • Reproduction WWII German Sewing Kit
  • Reproduction Nähzeug Sewing Kit
  • Reproduction Nähzeug Sewing Kit

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