• Reproduction Atebrin Anti-Malaria Medication Bottle

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    This a reproduction of a 1930's Atebrin bottle. Originally manufactured by Bayer, the tablets inside were anti-malaria medication which was extremely crucial during the war. This repro is made from a new glass bottle with plastic lid. The bottle is new, clean and ready to fill with whatever you would like to put in them. Perfect for your hangover meds.


    This is a relatively small bottle - measuring about 3 3/4" tall - that would fit easily into a pocket. The lids actually look really period correct for being plastic, they almost have a black Bakelite feel. The labels are printed on actual old paper giving them a nice look and the ink will NOT bleed when wet.


    The bottles we found for these are slightly smaller (about 1/4" shorter and a little smaller in diameter) than the original. The lid of the original also had the BAYER logo embossed in it which these do not but we are still very happy with how these turned out.
    Compare to the original.

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  • Reproduction Atebrin Anti-Malaria Medication Bottle

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