• German Small Rangefinder Enfernungsmesser 14 AS-IS

  • $425.00 USD

  • Description

    Original Enfernungsmesser 14 Nr 180 made by Karl Zeiss of Jena. This size rangefinder was used for MG and mortar ranging as well as smaller FLAK or PAK guns. It is a decent looking rangefinder that would display nicely although I doubt it will ever be usable as a rangefinder again. The optics are cloudy and bubbly and, as with so many of these range finders, the mechanism seems to maybe be disconnected from the optics. You can turn the adjustments and the dial read out changes but I was never able to notice any difference is the picture alignment in the view finder. Maybe if you wanted to try to fiddle around and fix this, this would be a good one to work on. The one leather bumper is missing the leather cross strap and I wouldn't exactly trust the remaining strap on the other side to lift or maneuver the thing. The leather is a little toasty but actually holding together better than most other range finders I have seen. There are a few small screws missing here and there. I am not sure if someone may have already played with the optics.

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