• S.F.14.Z.Gi. Rabbit Ears Scherenfernrohr Binoculars

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  • Description

    Original Marine (Kriegsmarine) marked Scherenfernrohr S.F.14.Z.Gi. rabbit ear binoculars. This set was reused by the French military after the war and was painted over in French green paint. The color of the paint is not ideal, but its fairly close to ordnance green, albeit more flat. The optics are fairly clear with a few specs; while these are not the clearest I have ever seen, they are pretty good. The reticle seems different than normal to me - but I do not know if this is a normal variation, a Kriegsmarine variation, or something the French may have altered. The black metal parts do have some light rust. Made by E. Leitz in Wetzlar. Most knobs turn and adjust but the up/down tilt was too stiff to move. I believe it just needs some oil and attention.


    These are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I used to see them for sale at shows regularly, but now they only come along every now and then.



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