• Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube FULL!

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    Reproduction German Chlorodont tooth paste. Sorry, no boxes for this batch; the box company for these is very slow. This is a full usable tube of toothpaste! It is an aluminum tube filled with modern peppermint toothpaste. The flavor is rather old-timey. The tubes have a food grade lining (although you shouldn't be eating toothpaste anyway) and are printed with correct graphics.


    This batch is a little larger than the original tube in my collection, although I do know a variety various size tubes did exist during the war. Our source for the previous tubes dried up so we had to look elsewhere. The tubes have a really nice octagonal cap. Our repro tube shown next to an eastern front battlefield dig up in the photos. The tube's total length is about 4 3/4". This a good size tube of toothpaste that will likely last a while and still small enough to keep in your kit. It will likely last a year or more of reenactment use. It is larger than most travel size tubes.


    Paired with our reproduction Chlorodont toothbrush you can finally stop sneaking off to brush your teeth in secret to hide farby modern hygiene products.


    We had to print the graphics on a thin vinyl and apply it to the tube before filling. We experimented for months with various types of printing trying to apply the image directly to the tube but with no luck so the vinyl was the next best option. There is a slight seam from the vinyl, but it is barely noticeable.


    This listing is for one reproduction toothpaste tube. Repro toothbrushes are sold separately here.


    The advertisement is from the 10. Nov 1937 issue of Die Woche.


    We also have repro Solidox toothpaste tubes here.

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  • Reproduction WWII German Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube for the Wehrmancht Heer SS Luftwaffe
  • Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube FULL!
  • Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube FULL!
  • Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube FULL!
  • Chlorodont Toothpaste Tube FULL!

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