• Gas Mask Can Straps

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    Reproduction German gas mask can straps. These are by far the best reproductions currently available. The webbing is very close to being 100%. The hardware is Czech but extremely close to WWII German. All in all, it would be very hard to make them better. They are a good thickness, not too thin like many of the Chinese and European copies floating around. The price is for a set, one belt hook strap and one shoulder strap. Both straps are ink stamped "kem 1942."


    There were many manufacturers of these straps during the war and many, many variations. These actually do replicate one version of the strap set very closely but it may look different from your original. There are probably at least 3 or 4 different types of webbing that the Germans actually used without even considering color and manufacturing variations. It won't take much use before these look original.


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  • WWII German Gas Mask Can Straps Reproduction
  • Gas Mask Can Straps
  • Gas Mask Can Straps

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