• Reproduction Edelweiß German Toilet Paper

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    New improved label! Reproduction rolls of German Edelweiß Wehrmacht-Packung toilet paper or Klopapier / Toilettenpapier / klosettepapier. This is a very nice version as it was actually marked for distribution to the Wehrmacht and has a much more interesting design than many of the other brands that I have found.


    The artwork for this item was restored from an original example and then printed in a similar fashion to the original on similar paper stock. We spent a good deal of time restoring the image to make a reproduction - not simply an ugly scanned copy like so many "reproduction" paper items sold elsewhere. The press printing method produces several minor errors which would have occurred on originals as well. Inside the paper is modern (very usable) paper. The artwork was enlarged slightly to accommodate the modern US toilet paper. This kept the picture proportionately correct to the roll of paper. Originals cost $50 and up and are too delicate for display.

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  • Reproduction WWII German Toilet Paper Edelweiss Wehrmacht Packung
  • Reproduction Edelweiß German Toilet Paper

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