• German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel

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    Reproduction German hand warmers or Wärmebeutel with modern working disposable hand warmers inside! Perfect winter accessory. Copied in great detail from an original example, press printed on similar materials. With a little age, these will look original. Like all our reproduction paper items, the ink will NOT bleed when wet. Though the dry ink may flake off the wax paper jacket. To use the handwarmer, you must even follow most of the original instructions!


    Before the event where you want to use this, open the hand warmer and remove the modern warmers from their plastic packaging and place them back in the paper bag. This way you do not have to disturb your experience in the field by handling the modern plastic package. The wax paper jacket will keep the warmers from activating for quite a while (at least a couple days in testing). Then when you want to use it, follow these instructions...


    1. Slide the paper closure band down. Do NOT rip the paper band, it will serve as a closure! (just like the original!)
    2. Slide the wax paper jacket half way off the inner paper bag and tear or cut out the red triangle. This will allow oxygen to reach the inner bag. If greater heat is desired, you can completely remove the wax paper jacket. (just like the original!)

      Missing step, On the original you would add 2 tablespoons of snow or 1 tablespoon of liquid water to the inner bag. Do NOT perform this step! It doesn't effect the warmers much but does make it rather soggy.

    3. Slide the now torn wax jacket back over the inner bag, refold and close the bags. If you have completely removed the wax bag just reseal the inner bag using the paper ring. (just like the original!)
    4. Enjoy. If it is not making much heat, either completely remove the wax jacket or briefly remove the modern hand warmers from the bags to expose them to more oxygen and then put them back in.

    Though these seem simple enough, they actually do take a lot of time to make. Mostly because printing on wax paper is a tricky task that requires drying in between printing the front and back. 


    If you don't tear the wax jacket, you can actually use it to stop the reaction and save the hand warmer for later use. In testing, I was able to activate and stop the modern hand warmer multiple times over the coarse of several days simply by putting it back in the wax paper jacket. Using it with a torn jacket or without the jacket is correct.

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  • German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel
  • German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel
  • German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel
  • German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel
  • German Hand Warmers Wärmebeutel

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