• German 3 Piece Lingerie Set New Old Stock with Tags
    (B-34" W-27" H-34")

  • $75.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s German three piece lingerie set: slip, camisole and shorts. Nice light blue color.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 33" flat *
    Waist - 28"
    Hips - 34"
    Length - 41"
    Bust - 32" flat *
    Waist - 27"
    Length - 28"
    Waist - 18"-30"
    Hips - 34"
    Length (measured down the center) - 13 1/2"

    *The mannequin has a bust of 34" and a waist of 26". These measurements are of the garment themselves. Your measurements should be smaller to insure a comfortable fit.

    New old stock, unworn set. The slip and camisole have tags tied to the straps. Emriko brand and Indanthren is the name of a dye and fabric company. Original handwritten price tag is clipped onto the slip indicting it is a 3 piece set and the price (12.50 is written overtop - it seems like the price went up). All three pieces are marked size 42 (vintage sizes are much smaller than modern sizes). There is some storage wear lines from where the garments were folded. A couple dark specks. The shorts are tap pants style, quite short as they are probably meant to be worn like underwear.


    Overall very good condition. It is rare to find slips and undergarments that are deadstock and unworn, as they are very useful garments, so they tended to get worn out over time.


    Advertisement for Indanthren from the June 8 1941 issue of Koralle magazine.

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