Nürnberg Platoon Organization

The Nürnberg event employs an actual chain of command based on actual military organization, modified slightly to better fit normal reenacting unit organization and composition. Everyone MUST belong to one of the platoons listed below or be attached to either sides HQ or field hospital. Your unit can NOT just show up and do their own thing. Everyone answers to someone.

If your unit is looking for someone to fall in under, please contact the platoon commanders below to find the platoon that best suits you.




Kompaniechef: Jeff Snively

Email: kemilitaria@yahoo.com

Phone: (330) 429-5081 (text or whatsapp preferred)

Still looking for a dedicated communications director to maintain and expand the field phone network as needed. HQ has men to operate it but we want someone that knows what they are doing to keep it working and expand the network as needed.


1. Zug

Platoon Leader: Drew Maynard

Email: drew@clanmaynard.com

Phone: (647) 407-5554


2. Zug

Platoon Leader: Garner Rogillio

Email: garner.rogillio@gmail.com

Phone: (734) 431-5421


3. Zug

Platoon Leader: Andrew Dean Garrison

Email: seppcaesar@gmail.com

Phone: (616) 262-9641


4. Zug

Platoon Leader: Douglas Landree

Douglas Landree from Franklin TN. on Facebook

Phone: 7753356490


Feld Lazarette

Oberstabsarzt: Doug Slygh

email: slystrat1@cox.net

Phone: 440-520-5000



Leader: Derek Labuda


Volksturm / Other Impressions

All unusual impressions are asked to register here so that we can better keep track of them. They will be assigned to a zug at a later date.


Ersatz Abt. (Replacements)

If you do not have a unit to fall in with select this option. You will be assigned to a platoon at the event. This is for Heer or SS impressions 




Company Commander: Cpt. Brian Schade

Email: the94thinfantry@hotmail.com

Phone: (973) 670-3268

Company 1st Sgt: FSg Andrew Wurth

Email: Utopiablue358@gmail.com 

Phone: (419) 632-0159


1st Platoon

Platoon Leader: 1st LT Mohammed Sawwan

Email: mhsawwan@gmail.com

Phone: (814) 464-5494


2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader: 2nd LT Andrew Ball

Email: andrewball189@gmail.com

Phone: (571) 414-8558


3rd Platoon

Platoon Leader: 2nd LT Scot Buffington

Email: buffusv@comcast.net

Phone: (724) 683-2162


4th Platoon

Platoon Leader: N/A

Email: N/A

Phone: N/A


Weapons Platoon

Platoon Leader: T/Sgt Victor Faust

Email: Airbornechaz1@yahoo.com

Phone: 856-261-5151


Aid Station

Leader: T/3 John Decker



If you do not have a unit to fall in with select this option. You will be assigned to a platoon at the event.