• Barracks Bedding Set

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    Set includes 1 blanket cover and 1 pillow case.


    We have marked the blanket cover with HU and an eagle. During the war, not all sheets were marked, but most were. The pillow case is unmarked. These are post war NVA barracks bedding sets that look much like their WWII counterpart, The primary difference is the blue check pattern is printed on these where as earlier 1930s versions would have had the pattern woven into the material. They may have begun printing the design on during the war, but no one knows for sure. The print color and style varies slightly (see photos), no choice. We will try to match your pillow case and cover but we can not guarantee it. Everything has been washed and is clean and ready to use.


    Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, hang dry. You may also machine dry these as it doesn't seem to effect them much. I have washed and dried my personal set several times without problems.

  • WWII German Barracks Bedding Set Cover & Pillowcase
  • Barracks Bedding Set
  • Barracks Bedding Set

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