• PRIVATE CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set

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    This is a custom listing created for a specific customer. If you are not that customer please do not buy it. I will have to cancel the order and refund. 

    Listing is for one blank barrel plus an extra chamber in exchange for a damaged original barrel for a partial price reduction.

    This is a complete 7.62x51 NATO .308 caliber (NOT 8mm) blank fire 2 piece barrel with some additional design features engineered specifically for firing blanks. The kit includes: 1 two part blank barrel, 1 set of 9 various aperture set screw blank adapters, 1 Allen wrench, and 1 muzzle cone replacement block. 


    The two piece barrel set up is one of the best ways to blank adapt your full auto or semi-auto MG34. For the gun to cycle, the barrel normally floats within the shroud traveling with the bolt for a short distance before unlocking from the bolt and returning to the forward firing position. The advantage of the 2 piece design is that, rather than moving the entire weight of the full barrel, only the much lighter rear section must travel back with the bolt. This is significantly easier for a blank cartridge to do allowing for better blank adapting. More flash, more bang going out of the front of the gun rather than being used up just to operate it. Our muzzle cone replacement block is designed to assist the barrel more for blank fire by locking the front of the barrel in tightly and venting gas forward rather than channeling it back towards the barrel. To adjust the back pressure for blanks you simple change out the set screws in the end on the barrel allowing for easy and relatively quick adjustments for various powder loads. 


    This item can NOT be shipped internationally - all non-US orders will be canceled! 



    • Always start your blank adapting tests without any set screw installed! There is a slim chance the blanks you are using may not require any restriction. If the gun does not cycle, move on to installing the blank adapting set screws.
    • Start with the set screw that has the largest hole in it first! Test fire, If the gun does not cycle, install the set screw with the second largest hole and so on. Ensure the set screw is tightened down before firing. Only install one set screw at a time.
    • You always want to have the set screw with the largest hole possible that still cycles the gun! 
    • Never load more than about 4 or 5 blanks on a belt for testing. If the bolt fails to come back far enough to catch the sear the, gun may just keep firing and the trigger would be ineffective to stop it. Failing that, you can generally stop a runaway MG34 easily buy grabbing ahold of the belt, thus preventing it from feeding into the gun.
    • Using the original muzzle cone will just cause the 2 piece barrel to fight with itself and reduce the reliability of your MG! Before installing the blank barrel, remove your old barrel and old muzzle cone. First install the muzzle cone replacement block then install the blank barrel. 


  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set
  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set
  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set
  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set
  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set
  • PRIVATE  CUSTOM LISTING MG34 2-Piece .308 Blank Barrel Set

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