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    This page is being left up for informational purposes.


    GERMAN Registration Only!


    *Confirm which Platoon (Zug) and Kompanie your unit is in with your unit CO before registering!!! Select your platoon from the drop down before adding to cart. If your unit CO doesn't know which Platoon to join have them contact event staff at ohiofactoryevent@gmail.com.

    *Registration will increase to $49 on January 18th February 11th. Registration closes February 24th. (if you see registration available after this date, it is still available. We set the closing date as Feb 24, but we MAY leave it open longer)

    The full authenticity guidelines are available here. 




    All participants must portray 305 Infantry Division 576 Infantry Regiment II Battalion or Pioneer Battalion 294. All Germans must portray Heer - there were no SS troops in Stalingrad. Other units which fought in the Barrikady factory area may also be considered if at least a platoon (approx. 30 men) come forward. Please contact event staff at ohiofactoryevent@gmail.com. Our goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to fight in the factory without throwing authenticity away.


    All participants must have correct glasses or wear contacts. Hair and facial hair must be of period correct style. All participants must be over the age of 18.


    This event will have a functioning chain of command. You must have Event permission to portray an officer. If you have rank, you must have a realistic number of men under you. The reason for this is simple. Far too many people put on officers rank and show up thinking they can just tell people what to do. Very often they have no one, or far from enough men under them, to justify their rank. It is not only unrealistic, but it has been a pet peeve of many reenactors over the years because no one likes random officers barking orders at them. The event command is there to provide a good experience for all involved, a functioning chain of command helps ensure the event has a good flow.


    Tunic: M36 or M40 STRONGLY Encouraged. M42 tunics only allowed in very small numbers (there is some photographic evidence for small numbers of this model tunic but its use MUST be kept to an absolute minimum) Absolutely NO M43 tunics or later models.

    -Tunics must have white (infantry) or black (pioneer) waffenfarbe.

    -No distinctive insignia for units that were not present (for example; cuff titles).

    -Permissible Awards: Wound badge, Close Combat Clasp, Iron Cross, Infantry Assault Badge, Eastern Front Medal (basically, no post 1942 decorations should be worn).



    -M37 or M40 trousers in Stone Gray or Field Gray


    Undergarments: This event will likely be extremely cold, winter weight underwear will be extremely helpful.

    -You will want to bring extra socks



    -Jackboots PREFERED

    -felt boots are acceptable but not preferable

    -low boots (without leggings) are acceptable but not preferable



    -Helmet M35 or M40 (should be a single decal)

    -M34 Schiffchen

    -NO M43, M42 Field cap, or Bergmutze

    Helmets are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for safety and authenticity reasons


    Winter clothing:

    -M37 or M40 greatcoat

    -Mouse Gray Parka

    -German or Soviet Sheepskin Coat




    -Rabbit fur and other padded German winter liners.



    -Zeltbahn shelter quarter ONLY

    -Russian Amoeba cloth helmet cover permissible

    -NO other camouflage, not even splinter helmet covers!




    -Applicable ammo pouches



    -Bayonet or sidearm


    -3/4L Canteen (1L allowed for medial impressions)

    -Mess kit with fork/spoon

    -Gasmask canister



    -NO post 1942 equipment

    - In short bring standard infantry/pioneer equipment as per your impression. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out your A-frame. Do not weigh yourself down with too much gear that you won’t use. The terrain will be exhausting enough and many original photos show guys wearing fairly light combat loads. You will be eating in the field as your unit finds or makes time.



    There is to be absolutely NO gunfire between 20:00 and 8:00 (8PM to 8AM).


    Permissible weapons:


    -MP38 or MP40


    -MG42 (ONLY if it is the correct first model with the early cocking handle) many of these were being field tested in Stalingrad.

    -PPSH 41





    -There is a variety of other sidearms that may be used, basically if it is pre-1942 and was used by the German army is probably acceptable.

    -NO PPS43

    -NO G43

    -NO other post 1942 weapons

    -GAS GUNS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED (they must be properly tuned and are limited to use in vehicles) If it squeaks or pops, leave it at home.

    -Grenades must look like the real thing. No Easter eggs (unless black plastic modified to actually look like egg grenades - no colorful eggs painted black) or bottles.



    -Glasses must be period correct frames


    -Must have a period correct haircut and facial hair



    All food must be in period correct containers or packaging, like butchers paper, wax paper, or reproduction wrappers or bags. All liquid must be in period correct containers. No modern beverage containers allowed. (ie: Mountain Dew or Gatorade)



    -A grey wool or army pattern blanket is highly recommended. It was standard practice to issue out 2 blankets in winter thanks largely to the disastrous winter of 1941.

    -Period correct sleeping bags are acceptable.

    -There will be a heated area to recover in if the cold is too much to bear but it could get crowded.

    -ABSOLUTELY NO modern sleeping bags or other modern cots or gear will be allowed and whatever bedding you do bring will have to be carried in.

    -Each unit will be assigned a position you can drop your gear there but it is possible for your position to get overrun so any gear left there may be inaccessible until retaken or other arrangements are made. Remember there is no walking dead so you can’t just walk through enemy lines to go get the extra ammo you left in your pack.

    Thank you for reading this wall of text. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at ohiofactoryevent@gmail.com . If you are unsure if you meet the standards, let us know and we can help make sure that you do. It is better for everyone to fix a potential problem now, rather than at the event. We want as many people as possible to be able to participate and are willing to help out if you need it.

    Taking Hits - Please read

    There will be no walking dead or medics running into a hail of bullets at this event! You will be provided with a wound card at registration; in the event that you “take a hit”, you fall in place and your wound card will tell you whether you are lightly wounded, heavily wounded, or dead. This system is based on the what is currently used for training in the US Army.

        -Lightly wounded means that a medic, or the aid station/lazarett can treat you. Continue laying in place until you are able to move to cover; you must seek at least a medic to treat your wound and issue you a new wound card before you can return to your unit. If no medic is available, make your way to the aid station/feldlazarett to be treated and receive a new wound card. *Play the role of wounded to whatever degree you are comfortable (if you not theatrical, fine, if you are super theatrical, also fine).

        -Heavily wounded means you are immobile and must remain in place until a medic, or a fellow unit member, retrieves you from the field. Stay in place shouting for a medic or sani. A medic can retrieve you but they can not treat you! You must be evacuated to the main aid station/feldlazarett. If the card says you are stretcher bound then you must get help. Only at the aid station/feldlazarett can you receive a new wound card and you will wait there until headquarters issues you orders to rejoin the fight as a fresh replacement. *Play the role of wounded to whatever degree you are comfortable (if you not theatrical, fine, if you are super theatrical, also fine).

        -Dead or KIA means you lay in place until the fighting has cleared your area. You will remove your helmet and make your way back to the aid station/feldlazarett without any detours. You will NOT hang out in the battlefield or return to your unit. Only at the aid station/lazarett can you receive a new wound card and you will wait there until headquarters issues you orders to rejoin the fight as a fresh replacement.

        **If at any point, you decide to just be dead, that is your choice. You must wait for battle to clear, remove your helmet and make your way back to the aid station/feldlazarett to receive a new wound card and await redeployment. You can NOT hang out in the battlefield or return to your unit! You are always either in play, wounded to some degree, or dead.  If you need a break, return to the aid station/feldlazarett. If your entire unit needs a break, request to be relieved through your chain of command and we will transfer your unit off the line to an out of the way area where you can remain in reserve.


    Medics: A medic is useful to have around but not required. A medic can treat light wounds, allowing men to return to battle sooner without going to the aid station/feldlazarett for redeployment. Your own men can help you get to the aid station/feldlazarett but only a medic can treat certain wounds and only a medic or aid station/feld lazarette can issue a new wound card.

        *Medics must identify themselves at registration so they can receive basic instructions and a packet of wound cards.


    Aid station/Feldlazarett: This is where you must end up if you are heavily wounded or dead. (Your sides HQ can also serve as the aid station) They are capable of treating the lightly wounded if no medic is available. They are capable of issuing you a new wound card and clearing you to return to the field once you have received new orders from HQ.

        You must remain here until you are redeployed. HQ will issue you orders to return as a replacement. You will most likely be sent back to your unit.

        If at any point you need to take a break, take a hit and head back to this area, do NOT clog up the battlefield.


    Be prepared to have your pockets searched upon surrendering. Be prepared to spend a potentially decent amount of time as a prisoner (an hour or two at most). Be prepared to be interrogated or potentially executed. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t surrender.

    **Captors may not drop, break, take, or discard anything in prisoner’s possession unless given permission by the prisoner. Treat other peoples stuff better than you treat your own!!!

    Event address: 4136 E. Dennick Ave Youngstown, OH 44503 (this address may not work in all GPS, if it doesn't, try 299 E. Dennick Ave)
    Event date: March 1-3, 2019 (Registration opens by 10:00am on the 1st and closes around 12:00 noon on the 2nd)


    Registration is non-refundable.

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