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    Original WWII women's Marine Corps USMCWR HBT shirt.


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust: 40"
    Waist: 38"
    Length: 25"


    This shirt has been well worn and the material is now very soft. There are black rank stripes painted on each sleeve.

    It is wearable as-is, but it does have some issues. It looks like there are some paint specks throughout. The worst spot is on the bottom inside (not visible when worn).  There are some pulls in the material and a few small spots of weakening in the material (ie. almost holes, they are smaller then a pencil eraser, though). It has some light fading as well (mainly along the shoulder area in the front). There is a small hole in the back. The collar has some light stains. There are also a few small black / brown stains. See photo for details.