• WAVES Service Shirt
    (B-43" W-34")

  • $125.00 USD

  • Description

    WWII US Navy WAVES women's service shirt.


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 43"
    Waist - 34"
    Length - 27 1/2"


    This shirt would have been worn under the service dress uniform for enlisted personnel and for officer's. This shirt could be in navy blue or white. This is a rare find in navy blue  as white seems to have been the more common color choice. The shirt has the Women's Naval Reserve labels.


    It is in decent condition, but it does have some issues. The material is a little worn, giving it a "shine" at certain angles. There is some wear / repairs on the right side of the collar (near the button loop). On the stitching at the waist, there is a small hole. The armpits have a little bit of discoloration. There is a smudge on the back. It also has a little bit of a perfume smell to it.