• 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU

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    1 Round for $16

    3 Rounds for $40

    For large orders 30 round or more please call 330 429 5081 for special pricing.

    This is now our standard production model of the 8cm HE/Smoke round Wgr.34 or Wgr.34 Nb. The body style of the round is appropriate for either type of round. This is a copy of the early round which has a large fuse adapter ring. The main body of the round is printed as a single piece from silver PLA with a layer height of 0.2-0.3. The fuses are all printed in black TPU which makes the fuse a little bit rubbery; you can crush the fuse in your fingers and it will come back to shape. The rounds are quite strong for their weight, and, in testing, have held up to about 3 or so firings before losing a fin or suffering other damage. Some were damaged on the first shot some many many shots later. Even when damaged, they seem to remain usable for another shot or two. These look very good but are tuned more for strength and good layer adhesion over surface finish. The fuses often have a lack of skin on the very top, some print better than others. The rounds which are sold here are the ones which print with some cosmetic issues which preclude us from using them to paint and turn into display rounds.

    The rounds have been designed around an 82.5mm tube (3.25") This matches the diameter of the tubing which I have always used to create my reproduction tubes and also matches with many original German tubes in the US as many were imports from eastern block countries which bored out the tubes to 82.5mm for use with soviet rounds. The rounds slide nicely in our tubes but still fit very closely. Although the light weight nature of the rounds combined with the fit tolerance means that they take several seconds to drop to the bottom of the tube. 

    My goal for these rounds is to make them good looking but also as inexpensive as possible to make them a reasonable alternative to Huggies juice bottles for reenactment mortar rounds. I also am taking safety and reliability into consideration so the rounds are strong and extremely lightweight. Each round only weighs approximately 7oz +/-.

    Each round is designed around a 3/4" PEX pipe (PIPE NOT INCLUDED) which runs through the entire round up to just under the fuse. Installing a PEX tube is optional but it will add to the strength of the round. So far in testing without the tube the rounds have held up just fine. 

    A drop in, CO2 launch mechanism is in development and is just about ready for testing. Once completed, it should allow for safe operation and firing of rounds, which will also be more authentic in action, cleaner, more reliable, and more consistent while not sacrificing range. 


    Disclaimer: These are not intended to be fired directly at anyone or anyone's property or animals etc...The rounds should only be fired at an angle greater than 45degrees. The safety features are intended to help mitigate potential damage from a misplaced round. Safety should always be your first concern so think before you drop a round somewhere. 

    Safety for reenactment projectiles is a complicated subject and there are many opinions. It generally comes down to 1 thing in the end, the force a projectile will have on impact. This is determined by the size, weight, and the material the round is made from. A rubber round is still dangerous if it weighs too much because it would still have considerable energy to transfer to whatever it hits. You want to balance the weight of a projectile with its size and wind resistance. For an 8cm sized round the maximum safe weight is about 12oz. for a 5cm projectile it is about 7oz. While soft materials can absorb some energy to soften a blow, the weight to size ratio is far more important than the rigidity of the material. 

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  • 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU
  • 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU
  • 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU
  • 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU
  • 3D Printed 8cm Wgr.34 Rounds - PLA/TPU

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