We buy WWII military items.

We buy WWII German, US, British, and Russian field equipment with our primary focus being German mortar items.  We like big unusual items. If you are selling, please consider contacting us at contact@warsendshop.com.  Here are a few items that we are looking for...


    • Communications equipment, cable reels, tools, packs, wire laying equipment, generators, etc...
    • MG34, MG42, MP38, MP40, G41,G43,K98,P38,and Luger parts and complete guns.
    • 5cm mortars, parts, rounds, and related items
    • 12cm mortars, parts, sights, rounds, and related items
    • 8cm mortars, parts, sights, rounds, carriers, and related items
    • 1933 to 1945 German bicycles
    • Odd German field equipment; generators, water purifiers,  If it's big, bulky, and unusual we are looking for it.
    • Military optics, binoculars, sights, rangefinders, etc...
    • Russian original, war-time field uniforms and equipment
    • U.S. surplus and new old stock in large quantities
    • 1930s/1940s (or earlier) vintage clothing (must be authentic vintage, not repros or "80s does 40s")