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War's End Shop (also known as Kriegsende Militaria) provides high quality, unique, World War II reproduction and original items that you are not likely find anywhere else.  Most of our reproduction items are made here in the USA and are some of the best, most affordable and most innovative in the hobby. Apart from the items we make ourselves, we search out the best current reproductions. If it isn't correct and well made, we will not sell it. We are extremely picky, detail oriented collectors and reenactors with some of the highest standards in the community. You may notice our unique mix of original and reproduction items which we often sell side by side where most sites would separate them.  Our items are designed and hand picked for reenactors, collectors, museums, the film industry as well as other vendors requiring top notch items that will always achieve the perfect look for their impression, display, film shoot, or war room.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and good customer service.  We work on some very fun stuff here, pushing the reenacting hobby to new levels, and it is all thanks to our customers' continued support and we work very hard to keep everyone happy.  We can transform a concept into a working and visually accurate product.  We have even supplied our products to government and private agencies around the world for use as training aids.

You will not find more of the same stuff available from practically every other vendor on the internet at War's End Shop.  Why not? Because we make items that are not available anywhere else or because what is available elsewhere isn't made well enough or is priced too high.  We didn't start out making items to sell, but, as our own reenactment projects grew in expense and complexity, it was no longer feasible to only produce small numbers. It is important to us that we always make the most authentic items possible and to have them made here, locally; I work out of my shop in Salem, Ohio and in cooperation with various area businesses, machine shops and friends from the hobby, each with their own particular skills set. This is not a large operation and we generally keep our own production runs small. We will only sell items that we would use in our own impression.

The real goal of War's End Shop is to make unique items, make them well, and make extras so other people can have the chance to own them. We want to provide the best items currently available and try as hard as we can to keep them affordable. There has been a trend of overcharging for reenactment items and we are working hard to bring the expense of top quality products down to a more useable price.  We want you to feel like you're firing a real rifle grenade or throwing a real egg grenade and we don't want you to spend your entire paycheck to do it.  As always, safety is a top priority, so we design our items to meet or exceed many societies' safety guidelines.  We will happily supply and advise film studios, reenactors, collectors, or any other interested person or company. We will only make an item if we feel confident the result will hold up to our standards.  Many people in the community have a 10 foot rule for authenticity; we like to maintain more of a 10cm rule. Most of my projects are inspired by a desire to see what a soldier would have. Its great to hold an original even if it is rusty and pitted but a soldier would have been holding a factory fresh piece and probably pulled it from a full box piled with similar full boxes and that is the experience we wish to recreate.

Ever since I have chosen to pursue reproducing these items for sale, I have had a few friends, who are all skilled in their own right, join me in my efforts to improve reenacting as a hobby. They also produce items of unbelievable quality, accuracy and with great attention to detail and I offer their items on my site. I try to keep the items in stock and at hand so that ordering is a simple process.

Why Kriegsende (wars end)? I thought about names for a long time. A name can be descriptive or it can focus on something specific. I thought about dates, battles, and fronts but that never seemed right. So I picked the only part of war that made sense, the end.

While we may sell WWII German items, we do not condone the politics of the Third Reich. Items are sold for historical purposes only.


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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We should be available to answer your call between 10am and 10pm, 7 days a week. If for some reason you do not get through, we will call you back as soon as possible. We will always try to return missed calls (provided the number is not blocked). You do not need to leave a voice mail unless you only wish to leave us a message and don't require a return phone call.