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    • NEW Negotiable Pricing!!!

      Pricing unique historical items can be a bit of a guessing game and in an effort to make it more fun and reach a fair price for both of us, we have added negotiable pricing to certain items. The negotiating tool is powered by a somewhat cheeky AI with whom you can haggle over the price in real time. All of the negotiable items can be found here...


      This experience is a lot more like going to a militaria show. The listed price is just our best estimate of the full retail value based on research and past experience and we know there is a price between that and the number you would like to pay that will be fair for both of us. The AI is empowered to negotiate the final price and he will haggle pretty hard. So its a lot more like a militaria show but, unfortunately, it doesn't make up endless, meandering stories about each item on the table. Perhaps one day soon will will be able to give it a grumpy old man attitude who "knows what he's got" but until then, this is a happy middle ground.

      I am hoping this will make more sense for some of the more rare or unique items which are difficult to put a fixed price on. 

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    • Show of Shows

      We will be setting up vending at Show of Shows in Louisville, KY on Feb 23-25 2023. If you have specific requests or want an item from the website brought to the Show, contact me before Feb. 17 to make arrangements. Depending on the item (particularly the more high end items), I may be able to do a cash discount for pickup at the show. Phone calls, text or whatapp at 330-429-5081 is the best and fastest way to reach me (email can take a few days for me to respond to).
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    • Shipping to UK and France is Back!

      I have turned back on shipping for UK and France. I believe all the issues have been sorted out (I don't ship enough to UK to have to register for anything that I know of, and packages to France need to be recycled materials, which I can do). This will be on a trial basis; if problems start happening, I will turn international shipping to certain places off. I am still not able to ship to Germany, Russia or Ukraine. 
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    • Best Way to Contact Me is by Phone (Call or Text)

      The best way to get ahold of me is by phone (call, text or Whatsapp), my number is (330) 429 5081. 

      I do have an email, contact@warsendshop.com and I do try to respond to all email in a timely manner, but I receive so many junk emails, it is hard to wade through them all. I may not see your email for a few days. If your concern is time sensitive, a call (or text) is best. 

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