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    • East German Items & Normandy

      As I have been asked multiple times for East German things, I have created a new collection of East German DDR items. This is a new venture for me, and not my main area, so we'll see how it goes. I am still mostly planning on listing WWII items, of course, with just a few DDR pieces here and there (they are clearly labeled and on a different background so they don't get mixed in).


      I will also be set up in Normandy. More info to follow on exactly which markets. I will have both types of GI and German sunglasses and mostly US women's uniforms (with a few men's GI items, patches, insignia and sweetheart stuff).

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    • April 2024 Ciney

      We will be set up at the April Ciney Militaria show in Belgium. As usual, we have someone back in the US shipping orders so there will be no delays in shipping. We have mostly US women's uniforms (as well as some men's uniforms, patches, insignia and sweetheart pieces). We will have limited quantities of our new GI and German sunglasses at the show as well.
      Click the "Read more" option for a bigger picture of the Ciney map.

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    • Bigger Updates Starting in Late December

      We will be travelling to Germany more frequently, so that means our weekly updates will be getting a little bit bigger. Don't worry - our shipping department in the US will still be active and on time, so there won't be any delays. 


      Also, the website is set to show prices in local currency. So if you are in Canada. it should be showing in Canadian dollars - this becomes slightly problematic when both currencies use the $ symbol. 


      We also made a change to our free US shipping over $100 - this now only applies to the continental US. Postages surcharges for Alaska and Hawaii are too high for us to be able to offer free shipping there.

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      NOTE: We do have someone in the US, so there will be no delay in processing orders.


      We will be setup at Ciney militaria show in Belgium on October 29. We bring mainly US items - mostly women's uniforms, a few men's uniforms and equipment, patches and, of course, our repro sunglasses. We will be in the cow barn in the small room off to the side - row 91 against the wall.


      We will also be setup at MAPS show in Canton, Ohio on October 22.

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