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    • Vintage Flash Sale

      We are having a 10% off sale on certain vintage items. Click here to go to the SALE.
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    • International Shipping

      We have resumed international shipping but THERE ARE STILL DELAYS!! International shipping is seeming to take a reasonable transit  time, so we have started shipping overseas again. If shipping times become very slow, we will have to suspend it again.
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    • 3D Printing and Historical Reenacting

      Recently 3D printing has crossed a threshold which has made it practical and useful for reenacting. However, it is still a long way from having the dramatic life altering impact that many people seem to think. I wanted to take some time to put my thoughts on 3D printing into writing to help other people understand what 3D printing will mean for historical reenacting and help some people decide if they want to get involved and how it may effect their reenacting experience. Click to read full post.
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    • RESTOCK!!

      We have restocked the following items: Kaffee-Konserve tubes, flashlight batteries, Solidox toothpaste, strawberry jam, Panzerfaust leaflets, and 9mm ammo boxes.
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      Reminder: INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS WILL BE DELAYED BECAUSE OF COVID-19!!! This means that the tracking number may go several weeks with no movement as the USPS International Distribution Centers are moving very slowly. IT MAY TAKE OVER 2 MONTHS TO ARRIVE. We recognize the frustration of things not seeming to move for a whole month, but please understand there is nothing we can do to make it arrive faster. There are simply not as many flights for parcels.

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