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      We are now suspending all international orders (expect Canada) because there are now significant delays of a month or more and people are not that patient. We fully understand and share their frustration but the shipping itself is something we have almost no control over. Thank you in advance for your patience to everyone that is waiting. 

      International shipping is very SLOW right now.
       It is becoming normal for a package to take over 2 months to arrive. It may sit without moving for over a monthThis isn't a decision we take lightly as we value our international customers, but the postal service is putting us in a situation we don't like being in. We usually ship within a day or two, but after that, the wait time has become unacceptable and is source of issues. We may make exceptions if you contact us and are willing to except the shipping delays. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
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    • RESTOCK!!

      We have restocked the following items: Kaffee-Konserve tubes, flashlight batteries, Solidox toothpaste, strawberry jam, Panzerfaust leaflets, and 9mm ammo boxes.
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      Reminder: INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS WILL BE DELAYED BECAUSE OF COVID-19!!! This means that the tracking number may go several weeks with no movement as the USPS International Distribution Centers are moving very slowly. IT MAY TAKE OVER 2 MONTHS TO ARRIVE. We recognize the frustration of things not seeming to move for a whole month, but please understand there is nothing we can do to make it arrive faster. There are simply not as many flights for parcels.

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    • Buy a Fugwa Drawing Tablet, Get a FREE Pencil!

      Buy a Fugwa drawing tablet, get a FREE Gloria pencil! Just add both to cart and the discount will automatically applied.

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    • Repro Sunglasses are Back!

      We have restocked our repro sunglasses! The US GI ones are restocked and we have added two new rounded styles in faux tortoise shell and clear acetate (like the frames of the GI sunglasses). Click the underlined item to go to the listing.

      Comparison photo with originals:
      Comparison Photo: Original and Reproduction WWII German Sunglasses

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