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    • Shipping to UK and France is Back!

      I have turned back on shipping for UK and France. I believe all the issues have been sorted out (I don't ship enough to UK to have to register for anything that I know of, and packages to France need to be recycled materials, which I can do). This will be on a trial basis; if problems start happening, I will turn international shipping to certain places off. I am still not able to ship to Germany, Russia or Ukraine. 
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    • Best Way to Contact Me is by Phone (Call or Text)

      The best way to get ahold of me is by phone (call, text or Whatsapp), my number is (330) 429 5081. 

      I do have an email, contact@warsendshop.com and I do try to respond to all email in a timely manner, but I receive so many junk emails, it is hard to wade through them all. I may not see your email for a few days. If your concern is time sensitive, a call (or text) is best. 

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    • Holiday & International Shipping

      Based on the USPS recommended send-by dates for holiday shipping for the contiguous US, Christmas orders should be placed by Dec 14 to arrive on time. The deadline for international has passed already. This is not a guarantee of arrival by Christmas, but rather a suggestion.


      Be aware that, at this time of year, shipping delays are common as the volume of packages is noticeably higher than other times of the year.


      After the holiday rush, we will be turning back on international shipping to UK and France on a trial basis. If problems happen, we will stop shipping there altogether. We still will not ship to Germany or Russia, no exceptions.

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    • Sunglasses restocked today!

      We have restocked G.I. sunglasses and tortoise shell German round sunglasses

      Even after many years, the G.I. sunglasses remain my default everyday sunglasses. They just have a great look. I keep a pair in the car and in my travel bag to ensure I always have them wherever I go. I do also keep a pair of my German sunglasses in my box of German equipment for events. 

      We will begin working on the next sunglasses run soon, I will likely be revisiting the Luftwaffe type sunglasses and taking the next batch one step further to add the side shades. This will add expense and might feel a little awkward to wear so I will make some subtle alterations, but I feel like it will be nice to have at least a limited run of these sunglasses for the real die-hard collectors and reenactors. The original pairs typically cost $300+ so I know it is an item missing from a lot of collections. I only was able to obtain my sample by pure chance.

      I am also considering making one of the other styles of US G.I. issued sunglasses but it is hard to pick out a style that doesn't look too stupid. The US had many variations and virtually all of them were terrible except for the pair I chose listed above. I do think however that some might be just strange enough that people will want them for the oddity of it. A little variety would also do the hobby some good.

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