• RAD Women's Photo Album (94 Photos)

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  • Description

    Very nice original RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) photo album that follows a group of RAD girls on their adventures around Germany. The first page is dated 1938. It contains a number of vacation type photos of pretty places or buildings as well as a number of pictures of her friends and day to day life. There are pictures of Zeppelin field, Munich, Rothenburg odt., Frankfurt, etc... Many of the photos are actually of very high quality from a photography perspective, well framed, good exposure, well selected subjects, good lighting, and generally rather artsy. The pictures of the rally grounds were interesting as its unusually empty and so very clean. The opening picture of the RAD flag is just a very good picture. There are 94 photos but I wish there were more, the back half of the book was never used. It would have been great to see more of this person's pictures. These are all dated rather early, during the "good years" when the Reich was lifting up normal people and giving them opportunities to travel and generally do things they couldn't have afforded before. The album is in good condition with light wear.
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