• German Black Flower Print Dress
    (B-35" W-28" H-35")

  • $65.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1930s / 1940s German black flower print dress.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 35"
    Waist - 28"
    Hips - 35"
    Length - 40 1/2"
    Sleeve (shoulder seam to end of cuff) - 19"
    Neck - 16"

    Nice rayon dress. It appears handmade. The buttons down the front are decorative - it actually closes with snaps. The cuffs have snaps at the end. The sleeves during this time, tend to be a bit shorter than modern long sleeve dresses. There is black along the shoulders, down the sleeves, on the cuffs and in the front. It has a few split seams. There is some wear on the collar. Overall fairly good condition. 


    I am wondering if this might be a "make do and mend" piece during either the depression or wartime rationing. Perhaps it was a flower print dress that became damaged and was fixed by adding the black fabric. Or maybe it was made from the start this way because they only had so much print fabric available, so they trimmed it in black as well. Either way, it's a great dress and it has a great German look and feel for the late 1930s / early 1940s.

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