• Original Unissued White Wehrmacht Under Shirts R.B.Nr.

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    Original unissued Wehrmacht shirts still neatly folded from the factory with R.B.Nr.0/0751/0042 which was the J. Hakenmuller Trikotwarenfabrik in Tailfingen. These were recently discovered during work on the former factory building where they were produced. Finds like this have become almost non existent, most of us have written it off as even being a possibility anymore, but here they are. Opportunities like this just do not come up that much anymore. It sorta hurts to break up the bundles but I can't keep everything. 


    These are in about as good a condition as you can realistically hope for. Brand new original shirts which may have some light spots or stains from nearly 80 years of storage. The photos show flaws among several different shirts. These are actually short sleeve shirts with a knit cuff. Likely intended as an undershirt or base layer. They are made from a typical German Trikot material which is fairly stretchy. The neck holes are quite roomy and the shirts have a 3 button closure, which uses cloth covered buttons. Everything about the shirt's design echoes that of the standard undergarments of the era: the knit, the cuffs, the paper buttons, the sizing.


    I am not unfolding and inspecting every shirt. These have been folded and stacked together since they came off the production line. I think that is neat in itself and I don't want to rob you of being the first person to ever unfold it. Some even have indents in the material from the buttons of the shirt stacked underneath. 


    There are 3 sizes available in typical German sizes, I, II, III. All are pretty similar when measured, but there is a slight difference between them. 


    Please select a size from the drop down menu before adding to cart. As these are a bit stretchy, the measurements are somewhat subjective, but there seems to be about a 1" difference between each size. The size 3 shirt is shown worn on a man with a 42" chest measurement and it fits comfortably without feeling too tight. It actually feels a lot like a very nicely fitting t-shirt. I don't actually mind the cuffs on the sleeves, they certainly serve a purpose.

    UNSTRETCHED measurements are as follows:

    Size I ~ 37" Chest

    Size II ~ 38" Chest

    Size III ~ 39" Chest

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