• G43 K43 Gas System

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    This a newly manufactured replacement gas system for the G43 and k43 WWII German semi automatic rifle. It was reverse engineered from a late 44 variant. The piston is threaded and comes with 5 pre-drilled plugs to help adjust blow back. We recommend replacing the entire gas system to keep your originals safe. There were other styles of gas system parts, and sometimes an individual part may not be compatible. Here is a brief description of the individual parts...


    Cylinder: This is a reproduction of the later war design with a 2 pc cylinder(type 3).This cylinder is made from 4140 H.T., and 4130 tubing and has vent holes through the side for release of gas pressure.


    Piston: The gas piston is made of quality stainless steel. copied from an original in every detail. Yes, the threads fit the gas block correctly so there should be no more stripping out your block! The end is tapped to a standard metric size to fit the gas restrictor plug.(m6x1.0- 8mm long)


    Connecting Rod: The connecting rod is made of 4140 H.T. steel.


    Op Rod: The op rod is made of 4140 H.T. steel. The tip of the rod is spot heat treated so it will not mushroom out after extended use.(approx. 45-50 Rc)


    How to identify this reproduction: As these so closely match originals It was best to mark them in a way to prevent their resale as originals. The piston marked "ktt" with a year. Also may be un-marked.


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  • G43 K43 Gas System
  • G43 K43 Gas System
  • G43 K43 Gas System

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