• ckl66 Single Decal Green and Tan Camo M42 Helmet

  • $2,450.00 USD

  • Description

    Very nice German single decal army camo helmet marked ckl66 lot number 2814 with a size 58 liner and no chin strap. Everything on the helmet is 100% original, but I can confirm the liner is replaced. It appears to be an unissued original liner with the original draw string. The split pins are the original ones to the helmet and were put back in the correct places. It has a great look and nice patina. A little cleaning might make the camo pop a bit more but I don't mess with such things, I prefer good, honest helmets, even if they show a little age.

    The camo is a fairly simple tan on green pattern with large areas of tan or green interspersed with tan or green spots. Its almost like its supposed to be a 2 tone ambush pattern. It is a bit difficult to see the green spots on the tan areas, but they are there. There might actually be 3 colors on this helmet, but its tough to tell if the different tones of tan are intentional or just a result of age. The decal is in relatively good condition with some wear.

    It is actually fairly rare to find an original camo helmet where they intentionally painted around the decal. It only seems common because its sort of a trope which has been frequently copied in fake helmets. Avoiding the decal is, after all, rather counter to the concept of camouflage and not getting shot generally takes precedent over preserving a pretty eagle. The original wearer clearly had some level of pride in his gear but as I believe this to be a vet bring back piece, perhaps the decal did give him away.

    The inside dome of the helmet has some rust, but the inside generally has good paint. There is a bit of a dome stamp, but not enough to make anything out. There is a slight shadow on the brim of the helmet where someone had kept the chin strap which is now missing. I am guessing the liner and strap rotted away and the previous owner did his best to restore it. At least he used all original bits and managed to maintain the integrity of the outside of the helmet by successfully reinstalling the original split pins the the correct locations. It displays very well and is an all around good example of a single decal army camo helmet.

    It slightly hurts to sell this one, but I have been on a bit of a helmet buying spree and I can't keep everything.  

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