• Trinkwasser Backpack Water Purifier

  • $1,150.00 USD

  • Description

    Original Trinkwasser backpack water purifier unit. These are fairly hard to find, especially stateside. It is in good condition, many of these are very rotted away due to the type of metal used in the construction. The lower box which would have contained spare filters is relatively free of dents and wear with no holes. It retains most of its original gray paint. The The handle moves freely but I am not sure if it would still pump. The ceramic filter plates appear to be in good condition with no cracks etc. It even still has the treated filter pads still in it. The pads were treated with a chlorine based water purifying chemical. The shoulder straps are cut off rather short. This is a great piece of field equipment and a great display piece. After all, clean water is essential. Even in Europe, they usually cost around 1,200-1,500euro for one in decent condition.

    Below is an Afrika Korps training video showing the water purifier in use.

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