• Trinkwasser Gasket 5L 10L 18L

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    Red rubber replacement gasket for WWII German aluminum trinkwasser cans. This will fit all 3 sizes of aluminum trinkwasser cans 5L, 10L, and 18L. There are several manufacturers of these cans and a few slightly different lid variations, this gasket should work on all versions. We do mark them with our maker code and a waffen amt but this should be placed to the bottom side so it is not visible when installed. These are rubber so they do stretch and grow a bit so try not to over stretch it when installing as it could effect the fit.


    Installation Instructions: Depending on the maker of your trinkwasser can, you may simply be able to stick this on and it will work just fine. Some makers got a little tricky and built two lips into their lid that force the gasket to arc thus creating a better seal. In this case, you simply pinch the gasket and insert it allowing it to expand under the lips then slowly working your way around.

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  • WWII German Trinkwasser Gasket 5L 10L 18L Reproduction
  • Trinkwasser Gasket 5L 10L 18L
  • Trinkwasser Gasket 5L 10L 18L

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