• Hetzer Remote MG34 Periscope ZF 1128

  • $1,800.00 USD

  • Description



    Original, and ZF1128 optic for the remote controlled MG34 found on the top of the Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer. ZF1128 might not be the exact correct designation for this sight, I have found at least 3 slightly different variations of the same sight for the same purpose but only one designation. The optics are very good and clear. The site is based on the standard direct fire sight for some flak, pak and machine guns. The tubular scope that is at the center of this is essentially identical to the normal direct fire scope except the reticle illumination feature is not present and the scope was specifically made for this specific purpose. The bottom part of the periscope clamps in place, the top section slips on and off rather easily, I believe the mounting block which would have attached this to the tank would have served to better align and hold the upper segment. I am keeping a bit of string inserted into the gap to keep the two pieces more firmly held together to prevent them comming apart unexpectedly and potentially dropping or damaging one or the other. This string will be in there when you receive it. If your Hetzer is missing this, it will be practically impossible to find another. 


    There are no markings at all on this as those were typically all on the center section. I believe the tan paint is original as it matches other late war optics that I have owned over the years, despite seeming newer. All in all, a very nice optic of a very interesting MG set up. There is just something about looking through an original optic that helps bring the past back to life a bit.

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