• STG44 / MP44 / MP43 Blank Adapter

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  • Description

    Price includes the nut and 4 restriction adjustment washers.

    This is a reproduction STG44 muzzle nut to adapt your new semi auto or original 44 for blank fire.  These were designed for original mp's, and the newer made German SSD, or PTR44 (semi auto STG44 repro).

    The thread pitch is M14 X 1.0 so check your weapon for compatibility.

    It would also work with an MP44 or MP43.

    This system works very well on the few new semi autos that we have tried it with.   

    These will not work with the new 22 long rifle STG 44.  They were designed for originals and the semi autos chambered for 8mm shorts.  

    Unlike many other blank fire muzzle nuts available, this one comes with 4 washers that already have several different size holes in them to adjust the gas restriction on your weapon.  Most reproductions don't offer this interchangeable washer system. Instructions are included. Made in USA.

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  • WWII German STG44 / MP44 / MP43 Blank Adapter
  • STG44 / MP44 / MP43 Blank Adapter
  • STG44 / MP44 / MP43 Blank Adapter

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