• 1943 Feldfernsprecher 33 (AS-IS)

  • $185.00 USD

  • Description

    Decent 1943 FF33 field telephone. The phone itself does work. The handset does not. The speaker capsule functions. The microphone capsule does not. But I also believe there is a fault in the press to talk button. It is very repairable if one were so inclined. The crank is a reproduction replacement. What I do like about this phone is that the handset is and the capsules are the original ones to the phone. I believe this was a vet bring back phone. Nice easy project for someone.


    Phone prices have gone crazy. People who can't even tell you if their phone works, let alone tell you what needs fixed or tuned up, still want top dollar for beater phones. At least with this one, you know exactly what you are getting and it still costs less than the mystery phones sold elsewhere. Keep in mind some of this price is to help cover shipping, as it will ship free inside the USA.