• 1943 Red Enamel Canteen w/ Green Enamel Cup

  • $175.00 USD

  • Description

    Original, mismatched 1943 canteen with cup. The cup is marked MN43 and is green enamel in pretty good condition. There are no chips inside and the outside is nice but a little dirty. The canteen is in very nice condition, made from red enamel marked SMM43. The cover is also very nice although I did not find any markings. There is a little bit of dirt on the cover and there in a small hole hiding under where the cup sits. The snaps are drawn very tight and have stretched out some of the holes (see photos). The leather is flexible and in decent shape and appears to be marked RRW 43.


    All in all, this is a great canteen that would be perfect for your collection or to complete a dummy.