• 6X30 Binocular Eye Pieces

  • $8.00 USD

  • Description

    Black plastic replacement eye pieces for the German 6x30 binoculars. Molded from an original set so there is a little wear showing that existed on the original eye pieces but nothing significant or visible unless you really look very intently.


    I expect they will fit most sets well. I have tested them on 3 sets of binoculars and they fit very nicely. I do have a problem with one set where the eye pieces fit one side nicely and not the other side. Weird.


     I would much rather have these on my field binoculars than risk cracking or otherwise damaging originals. Why risk a nearly irreplaceable set when you could just risk an $8 set?

  • WWII German Reproduction 6X30 Binocular Eye Pieces
  • 6X30 Binocular Eye Pieces
  • 6X30 Binocular Eye Pieces

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