• 8cm Gr.W.34 Barrel Set

  • $849.00 USD

  • Description

    If you would like a custom serial number to match your bipod or base plate, please write that in your order notes.

    - These ship from a different location from the rest of our inventory and the tube and bottom cup ship separately!

    This is a reproduction of the tube and cup for 8cm Gr.W.34 copied from an original examples. The material is DOM tubing for hydraulic cylinders (no seams or weak spots) so it is fairly tough but it isn't exactly proofed like a barrel would be. These could never handle the intense pressures endured by a real tube and the bore is slightly over sized (82.5mm rather than 81mm). 


    Markings are not applied until ordered as we are able to customize the serial number and technically we can also customize the maker code and year (the stock maker mark is kem 40 or 41). Our original lowercase maker code set is missing a couple letters (w and x). See photos of the markings. All tubes will have waffen amt markings in all the correct locations.


    The set does not include the side slotted set screw that locks the cup to the tube, all other screws are included.


    Both parts are raw steel coated in a preservative. You will need to clean them with brake parts cleaner before painting. We do not primer them as the primer would likely get worn in general handling around the shop and during shipping and would have to be redone for painting anyway.


    This is a great piece to build your black powder cannon from for reenactments. It was designed as a parts piece to build a film quality, movie prop, signal cannon for simulated fire; much like the many signal cannons used for civil war reenactments, etc...