• 8mm K98 Mauser Stripper Clips

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    These are post war K98 stripper clips. They are the correct model for WWII German. Some may have 2 stop bumps on the edge and some may have 3. This difference doesn't effect function. These have the "textbook" look for German WWII, minus the markings. All are nickel plated like originals of this style. These also fit a 8mm German K98.  Many of the clips you find at gun shows etc. don't actually fit a WWII German K98 (normally they are too wide). It is getting very hard to find these in any quantity.


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  • German K98 Mauser Stripper Clips - Post-WWII
  • 8mm K98 Mauser Stripper Clips
  • 8mm K98 Mauser Stripper Clips

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