• Adler Typewriter Working AS-IS

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    Adler typewriter in good working condition with most of its destroyed wooden case. The case is missing the bottom back portion that catches and holds the back of the lid. The typewriter itself is quite nice, its just unfortunate that the case was damaged. This design of typewriter is also interesting as the letters slide straight forward rather than swinging out like most typewriters. I am sure there is a name for this but I'm not well versed enough to know what that is. This model did exist during the war in this exact finish however this model was also produced after the war and I have not found a database to date this particular piece. There is a similar typewriter with the same finish and "trim" that was identified as wartime. Its a pity that the broken piece of the case is missing. It will require some skill to repair or perhaps the mounting pieces could be transferred to a donor case of another random typewriter.