• AHA Fahrrad Bicycle Grips

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    We will resume production of these when we have more time.

    Reproduction AHA bicycle or truppenfahrrad Bakelite grips. These originally came out in the mid 1930's and were produced unchanged into the 1950's.  Even if you have originals, it is a good idea to have a pair of repros to use at reenactments.  These are molded from an original example and are cast from durable resin. They can still break just like originals if over abused, but it is better to do it to reproductions than originals.


    We have 2 color choices available; Black or Red/Brown. Each grip is reinforced with an aluminum ring like the original. The aluminum ring on our grips are actually formed by hand from old empty German flare casings. Grips will require a little fitting when you install them. I made them a little tight for handle bars because the diameter of the bars can vary based on many factors including paint thickness etc... You will want to gently sand the inside opening of the grips until they just fit your bars. I also used a bit of friction tape to get a better hold. DO NOT FORCE GRIPS ONTO HANDLEBARS!!! They should fit snug but not be difficult to push on. Forcing them could crack the resin, though the aluminum ring should prevent this.


    Black AHA Grips are a nice sturdy economical choice. The black resin we use is easy to work with and produces a nice result making them a less expensive without compromising hardly anything in the way of appearance.


    Red/Brown AHA Grips are made from a significantly more expensive resin that is much more difficult to work with but produces an amazing visual reproduction of Bakelite. The color varies slightly from pair to pair as they are hand mixed each time. We even use wood pulp and sawdust to create a real Bakelite look. We come closer to matching the original red color every time we cast them. We are only able to produce 1 pair every 24-36 hours.

  • AHA Fahrrad Bicycle Bakelite Grips WWII German Truppenfahrrad
  • AHA Fahrrad Bicycle Grips
  • AHA Fahrrad Bicycle Grips
  • AHA Fahrrad Bicycle Grips

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