• Army Nurse Uniform Grouping: Jacket, Skirt, Hat, Blouse, Tie
    (B-35" W-25.75" H-36")

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  • Description

    Vintage original WWII army nurse (ANC) uniform grouping consisting of the jacket (with insignia), skirt, hat, blouse and tie.


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 35"
    Waist - 29"
    Length - 26 1/2"
    Sleeve Length - 21 3/4"
    Waist - 25 3/4"
    Hips - 36"
    Length - 26 3/4"
    Bust - 38"
    Waist - 35"
    Length - 24"
    Sleeve Length - 20"
    Neck - 13 1/2"


    These are all from the same woman, however her name has been removed from the items. Overall very good condition with some minor issues. The jacket has the U.S. and army nurse caduceus insignia pins. The shoulder patch and service stripes have been removed. The label has been removed from the pocket of the jacket.


    The blouse was cut down to short sleeve, but then had the sleeves resewn on. It is marked 34R.  The blouse has some staining on the front (no attempt has been made to clean it).


    The skirt still has the size label (it says size 12 and the waist is listed as 26" but it is VERY tight at 26"). 


    Hat is size 21 1/2. The hat has a tiny hole on the front near the eagle emblem. There is light staining on the sweatband and the emblem screwback is bent so it will be hard to remove the eagle.


    The tie has some staining and some moth nibbles (luckily the tie seems to be the only piece with moth damage).