• German Backpack Tent

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  • Description

    This backpack tent is a piece from my collection of items made in the immediate postwar years from ex military equipment. It is all kinds of unique. It is a one or possibly 2 man tent that rolls up into a backpack which actually forms the foot end of the tent. There is some zeltbahn material, as well as US HBT and US tent material used in its construction. It has a Zipp DRP zipper. It is not complete, it looks like at one time it had an internal hoop type support rather than using poles which would have made the interior more open and roomy. There are two pockets sewn onto the sidewalls which was quite common with German tents. There are some tears in the tent. I do not know if it would keep water out or not. some of the snaps are broken. The rubberized bottom is shedding. Cool, weird piece of history.