• BDM Teufelmutze Hat

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  • Description

    Original Teufelmutze. These are often advertised as a BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) item, which many were. Some original BDM hats did come with tags, but many were hand made; after all, knitting was a fairly big deal within the organization. The colors and repairs of this one are in keeping with a great number of wartime items I have handled, so I am quite confident that this is wartime. It has an elastic chin strap. This is a well used example and the elastic chin strap is a rather good indication of its age as it is a clearly functional addition and simple cloth ribbons are often found sewn to known war time caps. Short of being tagged, this particular example is one of the more identifiably war time caps out there. It is a small size, but not tiny. It was a snug fit on our glass head and she measures 53cm (~20.87 inches).


    This hat was a fairly popular style in the era particularly for children and teens. It persists today, although mostly for infants. The pointy forehead does cover the forehead much better than most other caps. I can certainly see the value in the shape. It has a very art deco look and we have seen it featured in various magazines of the era also being worn by adults in style magazines and some film review magazines.