• Bikini Top and Skirt Made from a Parachute
    (25" Waist)

  • $250.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s WWII bikini top and skirt made from a parachute.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Underbust band from end to end: 39"
    Each "cup" is 7 1/4" across the center and 4 3/4" where it attaches to the band.
    Length of the cup to the strap is 6 3/4"
    Neck strap measures 16" from the top of one cup to the other.
    Waist: 25"
    Hips - free
    Length - 41 1/2"
    (the mannequin's measurements are 28 1/2" underbust and 34" bust)


    Silk was a very sought after material due to rationing, so parachutes were used to make outfits and wedding gowns during the war. There is lovely blue embroidery on the top and skirt. The skirt shows some of the seams from the parachute.


    The top underbust band is made of of several pieces. The ends of the band have been cut and the ends are fraying. On the front, between the cups is some remnants of stitches - the top had been "taken in" a bit to make them closer together.


    Lots of decorative stitching on the waist of the skirt. The skirt closes on the back with a hook and end and three snaps. (The mannequin is too big, so the hook and eye is not done up in the photos).


    Fairly good condition with some minor issues. There are  a few yellow spots on the skirt. There are several areas of wear to the material.