• Blouse with Crown Embroidery and Skirt Set
    (B-41" W-28" H-41")

  • $39.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s blouse with crown embroidery and skirt outfit.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 41"
    Waist - 32"
    Length - 23"
    Waist - 28" 
    Hips - 41" 
    Length - 32"


    Black (or maybe extremely dark purple?), red and cream colored short sleeve blouse. Nice gold crown design in center. It buttons up the back with hidden buttons, several buttons are replaced - only two buttons are the same). It has a silky feel to it, but I an not sure the actual fabric content. The shirt is in AS-IS condition. There are several repairs (under one arm and along some seams) and several stains (the underarms are the worst, but there are scattered stains throughout). I have made no attempt to launder the blouse as I was unsure how cleaning would effect the crown design. There are a few tiny pinprick holes and some loose seams.


    The skirt is a dark blue color. It has a side metal zipper and a kick pleat in the back. The skirt is in fairly good condition. Some fraying on the waistband. Sporteens labels inside. The skirt seems to be rather long, but it can always be taken up if need be.